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Jegit - Pour La Vie

Papaya 500g Dried

Papaya 500g Dried

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Without Additives; Mildly Sweet, Aromatic, and Pleasantly Soft

✅ QUALITY: Our dried papayas stand for first-class quality. They are carefully selected to ensure the highest freshness and natural purity.
✅ NATURAL AND PURE: We place great emphasis on the naturalness of our dried papayas. They are completely free of artificial additives, preservatives, dyes, and added sugar – a pure, natural taste experience.
✅ MILDLY SWEET & AROMATIC: The dried papayas impress with their mildly sweet and aromatic taste, as well as their pleasantly soft texture, making them an ideal snack or ingredient for muesli and porridge.
✅ IDEAL SNACK & MORE: Perfect as a healthy snack, as a natural sweetener in muesli, porridge, or in various recipes. Our dried papayas are versatile and enrich any meal.
✅ VERSATILE USE: Not only a delight on their own but also ideal for preparing smoothies, desserts, or as a natural sweetener in various dishes.
✅ BULK PACKAGING: Available in a practical bulk package, perfect for families, health-conscious snackers, or for professional use in gastronomy.

Buy Now: Dried Papaya - Jegit - Pour La Vie

Experience the unique, mildly sweet and aromatic taste of our dried papayas from Jegit - Pour La Vie. They are a valuable source of natural sweetness and nutrients, all without additives. Ideal as a snack, in your muesli, porridge, or as a creative ingredient in your recipes. Secure your package of these exquisite dried papayas now and enjoy a high-quality, natural snack at any time!

Origin: Dried Papayas by Jegit - Pour La Vie

The dried papayas from Jegit - Pour La Vie come from the fertile regions of Sri Lanka, known for their excellent conditions for papaya cultivation. The tropical climate and careful processing guarantee the unique quality and intense flavor of this fruit. The name "Papaya" has its roots in the tropical areas of America and reflects the deep cultural significance of this delicious fruit.

Buy Dried Papayas Without Additives

Dried papayas, mildly sweet and aromatic! With our advantage pack of dried papayas, you can prepare yourself for an unparalleled taste experience. The natural quality and rich aroma of these carefully selected fruits bring a piece of tropical nature directly to your home. Discover also the other delicacies from our range, like mulberries, dates, apricots. Ideal as a snack, in muesli, porridge, or as a creative ingredient in various recipes – our dried papayas are versatile and always a pleasure. Start with our dried papayas from Jegit - Pour La Vie and secure your advantage pack to share and enjoy now!

Average nutritional values per 100g
Calorific value (in kcal): 1462
Calorific value (in kj): 334
Fat: 0.1
of which saturated fatty acids: 0.0
Carbohydrates: 82.2
of which sugar: 49.9
Dietary fibre: 0.0
Protein: 3.6
Salt: 0.14
Product properties:
Ingredients: 100% Dried Papaya
Cross contamination: Despite careful processing, traces of GLUTEN, CASHEWS, PEANUTS, SESAME & other TREE NUTS may be present.
Label note: Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may vary. For accurate information, please refer to the product description.
Storage advice: Store in a cool, dry place and protect from light
Origin: Sri Lanka
Best before date: 2024-11-02
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