About us

Our dynamic company has expanded its range and now offers, in addition to our high-quality, olive-based products, a variety of nuts, dried fruits, and other natural and sustainable products. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are free from artificial additives and adhere to the principle of naturalness.

Our founder, Renas, has a deep connection not only with olives but also with a wide range of natural products. As a descendant of Syrian immigrants, he grew up with stories and traditions of olive oil production and sustainable agriculture. His parents, experienced in olive harvesting, instilled in him the importance and value of natural food production. During his childhood, surrounded by olive groves where his grandfather lovingly tended the trees, he laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

These childhood memories, combined with the renewed enjoyment of olive oil from Afrin in adulthood, reignited Renas' enthusiasm for natural products. Driven by this passion and his expertise in the IT industry, he expanded the business model to offer a wider range of natural products. Thus, an online trade emerged, dedicated to quality and promoting a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.