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Jegit - Pour La Vie

Olive Oil Extra Virgin 5L from Peloponnese

Olive Oil Extra Virgin 5L from Peloponnese

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Olive oil from the Peloponnese - extra virgin - hand-harvested, naturally cloudy, unfiltered, spicy, buttery and peppery in flavour


✅ UNFILTERED & CHEMICAL-FREE: Our Peloponnese olive oil is unfiltered, indicating that the oil is untreated and free of chemicals. The result is a pure, natural product with the full flavor and the complete range of health benefits of olive oil.

✅ HAND-HARVESTED & TRADITIONALLY PRODUCED: Jegit - Pour La Vie's olive oil is hand-harvested in the Peloponnese and produced solely through mechanical extraction. This traditional method preserves the oil's quality and purity and honors centuries-old Greek procedures.

✅ UNMATCHED TASTE: The oil from the Peloponnese stands out for its herb, buttery, and simultaneously peppery taste. A unique combination that beautifully complements many dishes, giving them a special Mediterranean touch.

✅ ANCIENT ROOTS: Our olive oil from the Peloponnese by Jegit - Pour La Vie is deeply rooted in the rich culture and history of Greece. The Peloponnese, known for its historic olive groves, continues the centuries-old tradition of olive oil production to this day.

✅ HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE: Peloponnese olive oil can be heated up to 180°C without the formation of trans fats. This makes it a healthy and versatile choice for cooking and baking applications.

✅ HEALTH BENEFITS: Olive oil from the Peloponnese is renowned for its health benefits. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which contribute to overall well-being.

Please note that the bottle shown in the image is not included in the package.

Average nutritional values per 100g
Calorific value (in kcal): 3389
Calorific value (in kj): 842
Fat: 91.6
of which saturated fatty acids: 12.8
Carbohydrates: 0.0
of which sugar: 0.0
Dietary fibre: 0.0
Protein: 0.0
Salt: 0.0
Product properties:
Ingredients: 100 % extra virgin olive oil
Label note: Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may vary. For accurate information, please refer to the product description.
Storage advice: Store in a cool, dry place and protect from light
Origin: Greece / Peloponnese
Best before date: 2025-06-02
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Our Exquisite Olive Oil from the Peloponnese, the Cradle of Olive Culture

The appreciation for liquid gold, as olive oil is often called, has steadily increased in recent years. Consumers today are more interested than ever in knowing where their food comes from and how it is produced. At Jegit – Pour La Vie, we have embraced this desire and offer you our exquisite, sustainable olive oil from the Peloponnese, a region known for its historic olive groves and first-class olive oil.

Our olive oil, offered under the brand name Jegit - Pour La Vie, is a pure, natural product. It is cold-pressed to preserve the valuable nutrients and flavors. The olives for our oil are handpicked to ensure optimal quality. The result is an oil rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a healthy and delicious diet.


In today's fast-paced world, the importance of sustainability in our diet is increasingly recognized. Our olive oil from the Peloponnese is not only made from traditionally harvested olives but also sustainably packaged in 5-liter canisters. These larger containers significantly reduce the amount of packaging material compared to smaller bottles. By purchasing our 5-liter canisters, you help to reduce the consumption of packaging materials, thereby lowering environmental impact and waste. Additionally, the canisters ensure longer shelf life of the oil, which in turn reduces the frequency of repurchasing and thus conserves further resources. This packaging solution ensures that the oil remains fresh and protected while also making a positive contribution to environmental protection.

  • Origin

    What makes our olive oil special is its origin: it comes from the Peloponnese, a region in Greece known for its ancient olive groves. Some of these groves are centuries old and still bear fruit today. Peloponnesian olive oil is a secret tip among connoisseurs. While it is still quite unknown in Germany, it is very popular in the rest of the world and is appreciated for its high quality.

  • Taste

    Our olive oil is characterized by its unique taste. It is extremely fruity, with a buttery flavor that delights your palate. The finish is peppery, providing a pleasant contrast to the gentle start. This flavor profile makes it versatile, whether in salads, for cooking, or for dipping bread.

Discover the Secret of Our Olive Oil

Want to know more about our olive oil and understand what the values in the analysis report mean? Then take a look at our blog post where we delve into every detail of the lab report. The results will fascinate you.

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Monika B.
Gerne wieder

Alles perfekt

Elisabeth D.
Leckeres Öl

Der Kanister mit dem leckeren Öl kam sehr schnell und unbeschadet bei mir an. Als ich nicht wusste, wie man den Kanister öffnet, bekam ich umgehend gute Tipps und das unten verlinkte Video von Herrn Sheho. Es war ein sehr freundliches Gespräch. Vielen Dank! YouTube video placeholder
Tolles Öl

Geschmack, Farbe sind super!

Ergün Ö.
Sehr gut

Schmeckt seht gut. Empfehlenswert 5 Sterne.

Birgit W.
Gern wieder

Bestellung und Lieferung ohne Probleme, Qualität des Öls überzeugt, Preis okay